In September 2018, co-founders Erik and Charles traveled to Guatemala to begin the process of building four classrooms for an impoverished school in a small town outside of Jutiapa. This is the same school that Eyes Not Forgotten donated 300 backpacks and school supplies to in 2017.  

Before heading to Guatemala, ENF was made aware of another school in need and while there, two elderly homes.


Charles and Erik created a new friendship with Charlie Moguel, a community leader, business owner and philanthropist in Jutiapa, Guatemala.

Charlie Moguel helped ENF procure items such as food, water, clothes, and toys which were donated to the other school in Jutiapa, Escuela Publica Mal Paso, an elderly home in Jutiapa and an elderly home in Jalapa, Guatemala. Charles and Erik also brought 80 backpacks from their partner Olympia USA for the students at Escuela Publica Mal Paso.

Below are photos from ENF’s visit to Escuela Publica Mal Paso. In the near future, ENF plans to update the school’s restrooms and potentially build a classroom and a covered courtyard.

Charlie is passionate about helping others, specifically the elderly. He asked to partner with Eyes Not Forgotten to deliver various items to two elderly homes in Guatemala. ENF was honored to partner with Charlie and his organization, Labor Social Jutiapa. The two organizations donated water, food, clothes and put on a performance for the residents. ENF also made a cash donation.

Many of these men and women are left at the hospital by their families or their families bring them to a home with stated intentions that it will be for a short while and they never show back up…and some are found walking the streets.

“I was moved. I was moved by their stories. There were two woman on the front row at the first home we visited who were so full of life. Their wit and humor made my trip.” - Charles White

ENF will be back in Guatemala in early 2019. The founders will bring medicine and hygienic supplies to be donated.