In 2017, Charles White and Erik Martinez founded the nonprofit organization Eyes Not Forgotten, on a mission to bring positive change to people and communities in the United States and around the world through fundraising, partnerships and direct service.

How It All Began:

In 2016, Erik took Charles to his home country of Guatemala to meet his family, to explore, and to donate items such as clothes and medical supplies. After their two visits together, Charles and Erik decided that they wanted to dedicate their time and talents to further help people and communities like the ones they visited.

“I could not just go back home to Los Angeles and forget the things that I saw and experienced, and the people that I met. I was moved. I wanted to help”, says Charles.

The Name:

In large part, the idea for the name of the organization came after watching a video about a young North Korean girl, Park Yeonmi, who fled her country in hopes of a better life. When she was crossing the Gobi Desert, scared of dying, she thought nobody in this world cared. Our organization cares and we are determined that the eyes of young girls like Park Yeonmi are not forgotten. (Find out more about the name here)

The Mission:

Every human has goals and aspirations. Where a person is born or the circumstances that surround a person’s life should not determine what one can accomplish in this world. It’s our organization’s mission to make it possible for more people and communities to fulfill their dreams and uncover their full potential. Your eyes are not forgotten.